A rebind is 129.00 plus shipping 8.00

The Video below 

gives a good representation 

of what we will do 

when rebinding your Bible

  • A rebind typically include the following
  • Stripping the current bible down to the text block.
  • (removing leather, old glue, ribbons and headband and tail band
  • Repairing and prepping the textblock for rebinding (getting the textblock back into condition to be re-glued, with bookbinding cloth  new ribbons, headband and tail band.
  • Making the new leather cover (we can discuss the particulars)
  • Seen here is  the basic "tab" construction used. Once the textblock has been renewed it is inserted into its new home
  • When needed i may charge for textblock repair, between $10.00 to $25.00. This is not for minor repairs, but Bibles that are in pretty bad shape, and I will  be as fair as possible

All the INFO you need to know

Some examples of leather that are used in rebinding and terms I will use in explaining the various leathers

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