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Brent & Linda Moore


A rebind is 129.00 plus shipping 8.00

  • Unless told otherwise in your order, all Rebinds will have raised hubs, single perimeter stich and 2-3 Ribbons.
  • On the spine of the Bible I will Put "HOLY BIBLE, and Initials of Version unless other instructions are given
  • If you request a name or initials, that will be place on the front, lower and towards the right unless otherwise instructed.
  • When I receive your order I will record the details and reply to you with any questions I might have and shipping instructions
  • When we receive your Bible we will confirm the details recorded for your rebind  in an email before starting
  • I usually send a venmo or paypal  QR code pic shortly shortly after receive it. If you prefer a paypal invoice just let me know



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